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Adult Workshop Information

Currently, there are no group workshops planned, mostly because I am on call as a substitute Studio Teacher in the film business and have had to cancel a couple of workshops where the participants could never find another date they could all agree on.

So I have temporarily stopped doing anything more than private and semi-private lessons in my home studio. If there’s something you want to learn, alone or with a friend, contact me to set up a date on the proviso that if I get called to work that day, we’ll have to reschedule.

If there is a guild that wishes to book me for a workshop several months in advance, I can block that date out of my Studio Teaching schedule and hope that my agent can find someone else for the job. Thank you for your understanding. Joan

Please put the name of the workshop in the subject line of the email (jhugval@horizonsquilting.ca) from the list below:

Else, if your device supports it, please click on the links below to send an email expressing interest in the link you selected.

  • Stained Glass and Cathedral Windows techniques
  • Shaded 4-patch
  • Paper-piecing For beginners
  • New York Beauty Paper-pieced
  • Curved Piecing
  • Bento Box
  • Kaleidoscope (45 degrees)
  • Attic Windows
  • Twist 'n' Turn
  • Card Trick
  • Small landscape (May be combined with curved piecing)
  • Star Log Cabin
  • Bargello for Beginners/Int
  • Kaleidoscope, (60 degrees)
  • Convergence Quilts or Scrap quilt mini