Machine Quilting

Custom Long Arm Machine Quilting by Joan Hug-Valeriote

You have too many UFO’s and not enough finished quilts?

You are a new quilter and just took a workshop, but you don’t know how, or you don’t have the time to hand quilt it?

I can finish it for you on the long-arm quilting machine.

If you are a hand quilter, I can baste it flat and secure, ready for you to hand quilt, saving hours of tedious basting by hand.

I can help you decide on the optimum quilting designs for your quilt.

Joan with long arm quilting machine

Rose Garden Twist

Here is an unfinished quilt top (known as a “ flimsy”) that I just made for my daughter , whose favourite colour is green. It will be quilting with a pantograph called Damask Rose by Karyn Emmerson.

Rose garden twist flimsy 2024

Rose Garden Twist is made entirely from fabrics that were donated to me, thrifted, or already in my stash for many years….the backing for a least 20 years….
….inspired by drapery scraps given to me by my niece when she was moving house last fall. The pattern was from Linda Hunter , in a handwritten handout ten or more years ago.

I also found the “Round the Twist “ pattern featured in a book called “Template-free Quiltmaking” by Trudie Hughes, published by That Patchwork Place, 1986

This quilt was made as a gift for my daughter, inspired by some drapery remnants given to me by my niece and fabrics already in my stash. The quilting pattern is called Damask Rose.

Please prepare your quilt as follows before you send it!

Backing and quilt top must be squared with straight edges and all stitching secure. You should stay-stitch 1/4” from the edge if the border is pieced or bias. Flared borders can result in puckering during the quilting process. If you need to piece the backing, remove the selvage prior to piecing and if possible, piece horizontally instead of vertically to eliminate puckering.

• Snip off all “rat-tails” (threads sticking out through pieced seams) and remove threads stuck to the batting.
• Batting and backing must be 10 inches longer and 10 inches wider than the quilt top. (5” each side), or, if you choose to add a temporary (false) border to the backing. Use a long basting stitch for easier removal.
• Press the top and the backing with seams to one side, unless using heavy material.
• Please do not pin or baste quilt layers together.
• If your quilt is directional, mark the top or backing clearly to indicate which way is “up”.
• Please place your quilt in a clear plastic bag so I can see your quilt and the work order without opening the bag.
• Please note that there is a $30/hr charge levied if you would like me to do any of the above for you.

Hallowe’en Quilt by Beverly Matson

Custom Long-arm Machine Quilting

Hand-guided machine quilting requires good eye-hand co-ordination as well as an artistic sense as to which patterns go well with different quilt designs. If you have a particular pattern in mind, please talk to me about it., so that I can help you decide on the optimum quilting designs for your quilt.

If I don’t have something to your liking in my repertoire, I would be glad to order a commercially available
pantograph pattern or create a custom design for you.

Some designs can be used for overall quilting designs as well as for borders. Please ask about other designs not shown here, including perfect circles, medallions and many other designs made with the Circle Lord. Visit the Circle Lord website at

Brochure for your quilt preparation

View or download the brochure in PDF format (629KB)

Estimate on Machine Quilting

If you want to have an estimate of what it will cost to have your quilt top done, you can use this work order (Word file 50KB).

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