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Joan Hug-Valeriote is a retired French-immersion teacher and a quilt-artist who has been making bed-quilts and art-quilts for over 40 years. She received nine grants from the Ontario Arts Council to lead quilting workshops in schools in Ontario between 2005 and 2016.

To view some of the school workshops Joan has led in her ten years as a Visiting Artist in Education, by grade-level: Grade 3 Grades 6-8

The Ontario Arts Council has revamped the program and expanded it to include programs in Libraries and Community Centres as well as in Ontario schools. If you’re interested in applying for a grant, please visit: the web site.

Joan’s programs complete or complement the school curriculum in Visual Arts, Social Sciences, Math and Language. Her workshops integrate hand-sewing and colour theory with literature that deals with topics that not only include the art and craft of quilting, but also themes of bullying, courage and ageing. They explore the role quilts played in pioneer times and as signals in the Underground Railroad as well as the needlework traditions of Canada’s immigrant and First Nations people, as seen in the “Quilt of Belonging”.

Students make their own quilted 4-patch pillow and participate in producing a community Comfort quilt, often from recycled clothing and other textiles. They make and keep their own needle book, so that they have the tools to carry on at home after the program.

Joan is willing to share her lesson plans and experiences with other teachers who would like to carry on this work.

Joan Hug-Valeriote M.Ed. OCT, Quilt-maker, Fibre Artist Tel : 519-836-9388 or email at