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Examples of Joan's Recent Quilting!

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Horizons Happy Worker Quilt
The Happy Worker
Horizons Memory for Liam
Memory for Liam
Horizons Memory for Liam
Horizons Flood Relief Quilt
Calgary Flood Relief
Horizons Quilting 4/9 Patch
Alzheimer's Quilt
Alzheimer's Quilt
White Log Cabin
Whitelog Cabin Study
White Log Cabin
Cranes Over Water
Lone Star
New Zealand Warm Sheep
Lone Star

Saw Tooth Star
Lone Star
Lone Star
Storm at Sea
Storm at Sea
Horizon's Kiwi Bargello
Kiwi Bargello
Horizon's Quilting Dogwood #4
Dogwood #4
Horizon's Quilting Swiss Stamp
Swiss Stamp
Horizon's Quilting Blue Zentangle
Blue Zentangle
Horizon's Quilting Ghost Ships
Ghost Ship
Horizon's Quilting French Twist
French Twist
Horizon's Quilting Alsation Lace Blue
Alsation Lace Blue
Horizon's Quilting Alsation Lace #3
Alsation Lace #3
Horizon's Quilting Dogwood #3
Dogwood #3
Horizon's Quilting Prairie Sunset
Prairie Sunset
Horizon's Quilting Rosa's Battenberg Lace
Rosa's Battenberg Lace
Horizon's Quilting Columnar Basalt
Columnar Basalt
Horizon's Quilting Amish Stars
Amish Stars
Horizon's Quilting Irregular
Horizon's Quilting Alsation
Alsation #1
Horizon's Quilting Alsation Lace Black
Alsation Lace Black
Horizon's Quilting Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger (2012)
Horizon Dog Wood #1
Dogwood (2012)
- 2 Quiltlets
Horizon Quilting BC Coast Sunset #1 Quilt
BC Coast Sunset #1 (2012)
Horizon Quilting BC Coast Sunset #2 Quilt
BC Coast Sunset #2 (2012)
Horizon Quilting Guelph Symphony Quilt
Guelph Symphony
Elise's White Log Cabin
Elise's White
Log Cabin
Round the Twist
Round the
Underground Railway Top
Underground Railroad Completed
Awards (2011)
Dana's Pillow
Dana's Pillow
Fish Eye
Fish Eye
Pink Lady II
Pink Lady II
Pond Lilies table cloth
Pond Lilies
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace(2009)
Curved Coloured Theory
Curved Colour Theory (2009)
(Quilt #1)
Early Spring Woods #2 (2009)
(Quilt #1)
Early Spring Woods #1. (2009)
How Green is My Valley
How Green is My Valley (2009)
Root Canal
Root Canal (2009)
Seascape (2009)
African Huts
African Huts (2008)
African Collage
African Collage(2008)
African Nights
African Nights (2008)
African Shields
African Shields(2008)
African Shrine
African Shrine(2008)
African Sunset
African Sunset(2008)
Bento Box
Bento Box(2008)
Newfoundland #1
Newfoundland #1(2008)
Newfoundland #2
Newfoundland #2(2008)
Newfoundland #3
Newfoundland #3(2008)
Newfoundland #4
Newfoundland #4(2008)
Storm at Sea. 2008 sold
Storm at Sea(2008)
Time to Leave. 2008
Time To Leave(2008)
(Quilt #1)
Newport Beach. (2008)
Christmas Kaleidoscope
Christmas Kaleidoscope. (2008)
I Spy
I Spy (2008)
(Quilt #1)
A Day at the Beach. (2006)
(Quilt #2)
Dana and I Spy (2006)
Dragon Flys
Dragonflies (2006)
Easter Egg
Ukranian Easter Eggs (2005)
Dragons Feet
Not Quite Escher's Birds in the Air (2005)
Gold Fish
Gold Fish (2005)
(Quilt #4)
Just Married Fish (2006)
Autumn Quilt
Anne-Marie's Crazy Quilt (2006)
Night Light
Too Much Night Light (2006)
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