Ed Video Show

A 40-year retrospective of Film/Video, Quilts and Photography

“The Making of an Artist” – a 40-year retrospective of quilts, film/video and photography, at Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Guelph, January, 2014.

I have sewn since I was a young child, taught by my mother. I had planned on becoming a French teacher, but ultimately, I became a film-maker before I was a quilter or a teacher…. and a photographer mostly after it became more  accessible in digital format in my later years.

In early 2014, The Ed Video Media Arts Centre, where I was editing the Horse-Logging video, sponsored my show, “A 40 year Retrospective of Film/Video, Quilts and Photographs” after I had had several solo shows of quilts only, (see  St. Jacob’s Quilt Gallery). Scott McGovern helped me curate and install this exhibit of my work in several media over 40 years.

I have always been drawn to texture, whether the tactile or visual texture of fabrics or in the crusted snow and ice of a late winter/early spring day.

The Welcome Mat photo invites you to enter this large space and see samples of my development as an artist in several media, without any formal art training.

It was taken in the driveway at 1968 Gordon St., where we lived at the Valeriote Tree Farm after my retirement from teaching,

The listening stations with headphones, allowed visitors to comfortably listen to the soundtracks of the videos without disturbing other visitors.

The Parisian accordion music from my first Super 8 film, made while at film-school in Paris, France, in 1970-71, was the only audio heard in the space itself.

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Montmartre – Excerpts from the French Super 8 film.

The quilts from the 70’s.

The film with the Mask (Swiss Carnival in Toronto) is from 1982. There is a listening station in front of it, with a round table that also has a quilt on it as well as headphones.

Swiss Carnival in Toronto was shot before and during the 1981 early morning Morgestraich or 4 a.m. Swiss-style carnival parade in Yorkville, featuring the Canadysli Swiss Carnival Band with funding from Multiculturalism Canada and the Swiss community. Produced and directed by Joan Hug-Valeriote, with a full I.A.T.S.E. crew.

The far wall opposite the door, has quilts from the 2000’s, but also a video about quilting from 1998.

Corner with all the small, framed quilts photos.

For the far right wall, Seascape, Underground Railroad and Kiwi Bargello.

Two video shots of the horse-logging video with the postcards in between.

The final corner with the quilts.